What We Do
We specialize in Diagnostics and Performance and hard to find and fix vehicle problems.  Other services include Brakes, Suspension and Steering, Electrical/Electronic Systems - basically bumper to bumper complete automotive care.  We address any and all vehicle related concerns you may have, and go above and beyond to ensure your experience with us exceeds your expectations. 

We offer a Quality Guarantee on all service and repairs.

About Us
We are a family owned and operated local small business.  Founded by Clint, formerly of Woodhaven and Southgate Corporate Firestone stores, Clint has provided quality, professional service in the Downriver area for many years and has a well-known reputation for excellence and customer service.  His motto is, "If I can't fix it, there's no sense in anyone else trying".  With almost years of dedicated experience and passion for the automotive industry, his talent, customer service and troubleshooting abilities have earned him a loyal and continually growing customer base.  Excellence in service and providing customer care beyond the basics is what prompted him to venture out on his own and establish Clint's Auto Repair ​in Lincoln Park, Michigan in 2016. 
This is Clint, featured in Professional Tool & Equipment News Magazine, June 2015