Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Do you accept payment plans?
A: No, we do not accept payment plans of any kind, but we do accept debit/credit and cash.  In addition, we only accept personal checks from long-term customers. Payment in full is due at time of vehicle pick up.

Q: Do you take walk ins, or should I make an appointment for service?
A: Due to our current scheduling and limited parking we cannot guarantee walk in service. A call ahead for an urgent repair or tow is highly encouraged.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment just for an oil change?
A: Yes, an appointment is needed for an oil change to ensure we have bay space and parking available.
Q: Do you install customer supplied parts?
A: No.  As of October 1st, 2017 we no longer install customer supplied parts.

Q: What kind of parts do you install?
A: Depending on the type of part and a customer's  budget, we typically install new parts and/or remanufactured parts.  We leave the choice up to our customer to decide which they prefer.

​Q: How much do you charge to do a vehicle inspection?
A: Safety and used vehicle inspections are free, and performed by appointment.

Q: How much does a computer diagnostic scan cost?
A: Computer diagnostics for trouble lights (engine, abs, etc.) are $45.00. If the repair is performed, the $45.00 fee is applied toward the total repair cost. An appointment is necessary for diagnostic scans.

Q: Do you do any collision work?
A: No, we do not do collision work, but can help with mechanical repairs from the result of an accident.

​Q: Do you rebuild transmissions?
A: No, while we do not rebuild transmissions, we can and do replace them as either new or rebuilt/remanufactured.

Q: Do you do electrical and wiring repairs?
A: Yes, we do electrical and wiring repairs.  Cost of the type of repair depends on the time needed to diagnose the wiring/electrical issue and is calculated by an hourly rate.

For questions and concerns not addressed here,
please feel free to give us a call at 313.558.9683 during regular business hours.